about-jenDainty June first set sail in 2009 with the Introduction of their Summer Collection “She’s Like a Rainbow”. The all made in USA brand Dainty June and Jen Johnson self taught business owner designs with a colorful display showing the company’s charming and classic style. The Dainty June girl is the kind of girl that would ask a boy out on their first date. She could chow down an entire meal and still finish all her desert. She would wear all white on her dirt bike just so she could see how dirty she was. She would walk in the rain, cut her own hair, make you the cover of Bon Appetite for dinner (presentation included) she collects objects from the past and is always searching for more. She’s polite, playful and adventurous. She’s never afraid to learn new things. If it’s to sail by the stars, or map out a trip on her motorcycle she’ll find every back road from California to New York and still want to explore when she gets there.

The name Dainty June its self is a nod to the wonderful and inspiring musical “Gypsy”. Quite fitting seeing how June is a Sunny Blonde who prances about the stage in a Baby doll dress signing let me entertain you, let me make you smile.

In essence, Dainty June owner Jen Johnson’s love for design was born when she began cutting and sewing clothes in Jr. High school, only soon to find herself doing so for most of her friends as well. The world of fashion formally beckoned in 1996, when Jen was appointed the task of conceptualizing and creating the brand E.C. Star Clothing. Donning every hat that an Independent clothing brand can possibly have on its rack, she garnered a vast and diverse array of experience, further enhancing her approach to art and design. Once the desire to truly follow her own Individual muse became impossible to ignore, Jen combined creative power trio forces with close friends and original founding partners Erica and Jennifer Daking and the
creation of Dainty June was initiated. Fast forward to 2011 the wonderful Daking sisters leave Dainty June happily to pursue different endeavors, Jen once again finds herself sole captain at the helm. Throughout the last 16 years Jen’s distinctive
designs have provided the fashion cosmos with an enticing and unique alternative to mainstream fashion. Melding classic design aesthetics and silhouettes with a strong salute to classic American style, she navigates towards the future with an impressive body of work and experience in her wake.